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One must further determine what lordship these luminaries have so that the significations of that house can be protected. Kuja Dosha: Placement of Mars, a dreaded planet, is not considered auspicious in some houses Bhav which gives domestic happiness. This negative placement of Mars is seen with hesitation, and people try and overlook these horoscopes for marriage.

The hidden meaning of this Dosha is not understood by most of us. Mangal or Mars is not as dreaded as it is calumniated.

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If activated, it is not considered that bad, unless it is badly positioned. Various proportions can be thrown on the native so that they can alter or change their nature. Here, the significance of other planets can be effectively used. In times when the females of a household are working shoulder-to-shoulder with their men, this Dosha becomes a Yoga. Guru Chandal Yoga: The Guru also gets blemished. Rahu does that and creates a rebellious yoga called the Guru Chandal Yoga. Rahu prevents Guru from tracking the righteous path and forces the person to be an outcast.

However, no Dosha or Yoga can fructify without activation. These are aptly activated only when other planets play their significant parts and are simultaneously blessed by the Dasha and Gochar. Rahu may have been attributed as a negative planet but it acts as a catalyst and activates the significance of the planet in a positive manner. If not for Rahu, scientific developments could not have taken place as Rahu imparts out-of-the-box thinking. In the present scenario, those having a Guru Chandal Dosha in their horoscope along with other planets to their support may actually be more blessed than others.

Shakat Dosha: Guru and Moon are Shadastaka relationship in the horoscope of the native, and this prevents coherency between the mind and the intuition. Shastrishree Dr. He is the master of ashta siddhis, radiant light of Yoga knowledge, salvator for mortal beings on earth and capable of giving them the divine experiences, master of masters, immortal.

His birth was predicted thousands of years ago in Nadi Grantha. Siddha Yogi Shastrishree Dr. Rupak Nath has "Vak siddhi" meaning whatever he says has the power of turning into reality. Rupak Nath 's life is surrounded with numerous stories about miraculous deeds he has performed. Rupak Nath is highly realized yogi who has acquired many Siddhis and have the miraculous powers on his disposal, which he used discriminately only for the propagation of Dharma.

Horoscope Reading सावधान,ये 7 हैं कुंडली के सबसे बुरे योग -- Kundali ke Bure Yog - Yog in Janampatri

Rupnathji has taught rare spritual growth process in the Kundali Jagaran Yoga Vidya Tradition for several years. May the energy of this beginning reach in the depth of your soul and bring out the beauties and the potential that lies dorment, may the light of astrology shine bright uponall our paths. You get a detailed life reading including Health, Career, Business, Success in all efforts, Failure in actions from your birth to your complete life span.

If any remedial action is required to overcome problems or gain name, fame and prosperity, you can ask questions to Shastrishree Dr. Rupak Nath about your life and Shastrishree Dr.

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Rupak Nath will answer the same. This information is used by Rupnathji to predict events and opportunities in one's life.

Rupnathji is counted among the most important Service Provider of outstanding Astrology Consultancy services. Rupnathji is extremely dedicated towards his work and offer accurate and reliable and affordable services.


In this spiritual working no medicines or herbs are used. Presence of the person on whom mantra healing is to be done is not necessary. Mantra healing can cure any type of physical, mental, family, business, evil effects problems and any type of black magic. Mantra Siddhai Rupnathji can do very effective workings through spiritual healing. Yogi Rupnathji has cured people worldwide through mantra healing and not only people but animals too.

Are there any doshas in your astro-birth chart careerwise?


What are the best vedic astrological remedies avaiable for you to become successful in your career? Take this astro-service now and Let Gurudev Astrologer Dr.

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Rupnathji Guide you for any doshas and remedies in your astro-birth chart. Rectify doshas and enjoy a successful career. Why am I not getting success in my profession or career? Is there any doshas in my astro-chart regarding my career? How can I remove any doshas through Vedic Remedies? Find out the astrological reasons and remedies for problems in various fields of your life and get guidance for future events of your life with Vedic Astrology Reading.

Astrology can reveal the true structure of soul. The Key to this consultation is to align with your higher purpose, your Souls purpose and your spiritual center. Each of the mentioned, are unique within each individual and can be found within your natal chart and your evolutionary patterns in life. There are unique signatures to the Soul found within the birth chart and through this complex design of research designed by Tantra Siddha Yogi Dr.

Rupnathji each individual will leave with information, steps and tools in order for them to consciously align with their own unique Soul Signature. Saint Dr. Remedies change ones thoughts, energy and life situations.

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Astrological Remedial Measures suggested are based on Bhoota yagyam, one of the Panch Maha Yagyas five great sacrifices mentioned in Vedic literature and Upanishads and the planetary tastes and preferences. Address Vivekananda Road, Lane No.

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